Paul Brown

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My Life?

So what about my life? Well it has been a roller coaster that is for sure. But nothing worse than most people my age I am sure of that.

I left school and went to a TEC college. I started in a TV repair shop but ended up working in IT. Back then IT was a great trade to be in. Today? Well every son and daughter coming out of school is a code whiz. Mind you cannot beat a bit of experience.

My passion these days is Photography. You can see some of my photos in the 'Photography' section on this site or visit either of my 2 photography sites.
Paulography - General photography site

Aviography - Aviation based photography

Another passion is travelling. I am fortunate enough to have travelled around the world to many places. Having said that, there are still a lot of places I need to visit..

Growing up in the 80's, music played a lot in my upbringing. You can see a few videos on the right which influenced my life. Well influenced is probably the wrong word.